Get Accounting Easy With Us

ABM Software Why need ABM Software for hospital, if we want Update our Hospital for paperless and computerized and maintain all information about patient records save as a digital like offline or online. And manage accounting of hospital essay and error free then Select our ABM Hospital Management Software. This is a Better option for your all hospital department like medical store, diagnostic center and reception.


What we are providing

    Master Entry Point

  • General Setting Option(This Option Provide Dynamic Setting To Change Other Entry Point According to User Need
  • Indoor Charge Master Name And Rate Entry Point
  • Bed And Floor Master Entry According To Rate Wise
  • Hospital Dr. master Entry also Feed Ref Dr. Master Entry With Incentive Calculation Percentage Entry
  • Insurance Master(Feed Number Of Company Name With Information
  • Frequency Medicine Master Entry For OPD Proscription Latter
  • Create Account Group Master
  • Doctor Wise Appointment And Duty Timing Master Entry

Hospital Management Software

    Patient Transaction Point

  • Patient Registration with Unique Id Number
  • OPD Patient Receipt Entry With Appointment Wise
  • Indoor Patient Entry With Admission/Advance/Final Bill/Discharge Card/Bed Shifting And More Option
  • Nurse Observation And O.T Notes
  • OPD Patient Proscription Latter With Medicine And Without Medicine
  • Patient Certificate Medical/Birth/Death etc..
  • And More Option...

    MIS Reporting Point

  • OPD Patient Transaction Register Doctor Wise
  • OPD Patient Refer by Register
  • Indoor Patient Admission Register Date Wise(only Show Admitted Patient Records)
  • Indoor Patient Advance Receipt Register
  • Head Wise Collection Register for Accounting
  • Refer Doctor Incentive Register
  • Indoor Patient Bed Statement Dr. Wise
  • DayBook Register This Register Provide All Department Transaction Entry on Single Place Like Medical,Lab,Hospital etc

    Security Option

  • User Wise Entry Permission Option
  • Admin Login Option With Full Permission
  • Data Backup With Day Wise

  Get Accounting Easy With Us

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What we are providing

    Master Entry Point

  • Create Consultant Master Entry For Transaction Bill
  • Department Master User Create Multiple Type of Department Like Radiology, Pathology etc.
  • Category Master Entry For Create Type of insurance Bill
  • User Create Test Master Entry For Reporting
  • Test Setup User Set Test Rate And Link All Test With Particular Group Test After Bill Auto Transfer For Reporting
  • Change All Test Rate in Bulk on One Form
  • Create Account Group Master Entry

    Security Point

  • User Create Multiple User And also Set Permission User Wise
  • Show User Wise Edit Records By SMS on Admin Person Cell Number
  • And More Option...

    Transaction Entry Point

  • Create Transaction Bill With bar Code
  • Create insurance wise Bill
  • User Show Dr Cuts on Particular Bill By Hiden Key Press
  • Send Message To Clint After Save Bill(with Create Won Template)
  • Read Transaction Bill By Bar code Redder Machine
  • Collect Dues Bill, Also Refund Test After Cancel Bill Test Wise

    Register Report Point

  • Dally Collection Report
  • Pending Report Register
  • Accounting Register
  • And Many Register To Use Full Tracking Input, Output Records Entry Register

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