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Pathology Management Software

Pathology Management Software (A Complete Solution for Diagnostic Centre Management)

In the present furious and quick life, the medical Diagnostic Lab sector is searching for some successful Diagnostic Software System solutions to improve the overall functionality gaining services of the Diagnostic Lab. There is different Diagnostic System Software solutions alternative in the market to browse. Diagnostic Lab Management System Software is coordinated, quick and powerful programming software that quicken the working of different departments Like (Pathology, Rediology etc) and provide better Reporting to patients Diagnostic Test.

What we are providing

Master Entry Modules

Master Entry Modules

  • Company Identity
  • Account Group
  • Account Ledger
  • Consultant Master
  • Department Master
  • Category Master
  • Test Master
  • Medicine Group Master
  • Medicine Master
  • Change Serial
  • Change Test Rate
Transaction Entry Module

Transaction Entry Module

Perform Reporting Module

Perform Reporting Module

  • Perform Lab Test Report
  • Perform Histopathology Reports
  • Cytology Reports
  • PAP Reports
  • Perform USG(Ultra Sound Reports)
  • Perform X-Ray Reporting
  • Perform MRI Reporting
  • Perform CT Reports
Transaction Points Register

Transaction Points Register

  • Patients Test Reports
  • Patients History Reports
  • Total Collection Reports
  • Balance Amount Report
  • Test Delay Reports
  • Print Reports
  • Total Revenue Reports
  • Consultation Cuts Summary Reports
  • Consultant Cuts Reports
  • Test Load Reports
  • Cancel Reports
  • Pending Test Reports
  • Pending Print Reports
Security Points

Security Points

  • User Wise Login
  • Set New Add,Edit,Delite Records by User Wise
  • Show Entry Records User Wise
  • Show Software Entry Points User Wise(like Bill, Reports ,Register etc..)
  • Show All Transaction Print Out By User Wise Name
  • Create Multiple User
  • Area/ Station Wise Reporting
  • Run Software On Multiple Computer by Networking


  • Receive Investigation Request from Outpatient & Inpatient Dept.
  • Patient Registration and receipts Printing
  • Investigation Sample Collection
  • Patient & Tests Sticker Printing
  • Integration with Patient Billing Module
  • Generate Investigation Reports
  • Warning & Alerts for Abnormal values
  • Consultant wise Test Report
  • Department wise Test Analysis
  • Reports Output to PDF
  • Reports validation before final printing for delivery to patients
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