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Hotel Management Sofware

Hotel Management System Software

A hotel is a hive of numerous operations such as front office, booking and reservation, banquet, finance, HR, inventory, material management, quality management, security, energy management, housekeeping, and more. All these activities take place simultaneously and managing these diverse activities manually can be a difficult process. This led to the introduction of property management systems or hotel ERP that automates a host of repetitive functions. Integrated, automated software also means management can optimize hotel operations, gather business intelligence as I wrote in my last blog and thus keep a tight control on costs.

With growing competition in the industry it’s important for a hotel to understand the needs of their guest, for example, things like what gets sold most, what guests demand for most, what food material get used least and results in loss, a good hotel management software, allows hotels to do just that.

What we are providing

Aims to automate functions

Aims to automate functions

  • Guest bookings
  • Guest detail
  • Point of sale
  • Telephony
  • Accounts receivable
  • Sales and marketing
  • Banquets
  • Event Management
  • And many more features
Modules of many Hotel Software are:

Modules of many Hotel Software are:

  • Reservations includes pre-booking, and booking functions
  • Profiles for classifying what guest, privileges , and memberships
  • Groups and blocks for large groups of guests with different privileges
  • Rate and inventory control monitoring for rooms, amenities and materials
  • Administration assigns the access control for each hotel department , and other staffs
  • Reporting displays custom reports for various outputs in the automated hotel operations

Key Feature of ABM Hotel Management System

Master Module

Master Module

  • Common Master Module
  • Account Master
  • Service Boy
  • Room Type
  • Room Master
  • Agent Master
  • Product Group
  • Product
  • ID Card
  • After Out And Consume Item ,Auto Less From Main Stock Master
Inventory Module

Inventory Module

  • There are Two Type of Master Inventory Module Main Stock and After Transfer Stock Master
  • Purchase Item Auto Transfer In Main Stock
  • Transfer Main Stock to Consume Stock Master
  • Purchase Stock Register
  • Payment Register Party Wise
  • Stock Register Group Wise
  • Payment Dues Register Party Wise
  • Wastage Module Master Entry (If Any Item Not Working And Show in Stock Then User Mange This Type Of Stock )


  • New User Creation
  • Define Supper Password
  • Day Wise Opening Account
  • Day Wise Closing Account
  • SMS To Guest After And Before Service
  • Front Desk Room Status Dash Board For Show Status of Room (Vacant And Occupied)
  • After Billing Auto Free Room By Software
  • Many More Option For User Requirement


  • Room Wise Booking
  • Agent Wise Booking
  • Agent Ledger
  • Booking Register
  • General Ledger
  • Day Book


  • Room Status
  • Booked Room
  • Voucher Search
  • Cash Flow
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