Get Accounting Easy With Us

ABM Software One of the biggest issues in every retail shop is how to manage inventory and with this inventory, the account's How to manage, one-page reporting, and how to simplify all the complexities, ABM Accounting Retail Software is a single solution. This software is specially designed for small businesses, there are no unused or complex functions, even shop staff can handle it in a very easy way, with ease, and it is efficient and safe too.

Retail Shop
  • Quick & easy billing
  • Reduce Inventory cost
  • Manage payment and expenses.
  • Check your business growth curve
  • Control your multiple stores from anywhere at anytime
  • Allowing different modes of payments
  • Inventory Management
  • Discounts and Offers to regular customers
  • Multi Payment Mode Excepted.
  • Manage Multi Type GST/Export GST Report.
  • Send SMS Our Customer.

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