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Hospital Management System Software

Complete Hospital Management Software Key Module

In the present furious and quick life, the medical sector is searching for some successful Hospital Software System solutions to improve the overall functionality gaining services of the hospitals and medical centers. There is different Healthcare System Software solutions alternative in the market to browse.

Hospital Management System Software is coordinated, quick and powerful programming software that quicken the working of different departments and provide better medical services to patients. This software helps medical specialists and the staff individuals to maintain all their tasks and work-flow in a precise way.

What we are providing

Outdoor Patient Management

Outdoor Patient Management

  • OPD Registration
  • Allocate Patient Unique Hospital Identification number
  • Track old Patient History
  • Record Patient Demographical Details
  • OPD Re-Appointment
  • Out Patient Billing
  • Consultant Prescription
  • Case/Department/Consultant wise Reports
  • Gender Wise Reports
  • Appointment Module
  • Send SMS To Appointment Patient For OPD
  • OPD Patient Refund Receipt Module
Pathology And Radiology Department

Pathology And Radiology Department

  • Create Multiple Department
  • Create Pathology Test Master
  • Create Dr List Master
  • Create Radiology Group Master
  • Generate Pathology Reports Age Wise Normal Vale
  • Generate Radiology Patient Reports Like X-Ray/USG/MRI/CT
  • Barcode Generation
  • Referral Accounting
  • Collection Centre Accounting
  • Consultant Wise Test Reports
  • Stock Consumption
Indoor Patient Department Module

Indoor Patient Department Module

  • Admission Discharge And Transfer
  • Bed Occupancy Charts
  • Payment Receipts
  • Medical Observation And Nursing Notes
  • Admission/Discharge Statistics
  • Medical Certificates/Birth/Date Certificates
  • Patient Dues Reports
  • Discharge Summary Billing
  • Department Wise Indoor Billing Module
Medicine Inventory Module

Medicine Inventory Module

  • Create Physical Stock Master Entry
  • Sale of Medicine
  • Sale Return
  • Purchase Entry
  • Purchase Return Entry
  • Medicine Expiry Date Stock
  • Reorder Level for order Short Stock
  • Multiple In-Out Entry Register(Sale & Purchase)
  • Manage Your Stock With Multi Units.
  • Manage Your Stock With Different Batch No & Expiry.
  • Use Salt Option For Ingredient.
  • We Provide Reminder For Expiry Stock.
  • Check Stock Position With Multi Filter Feature Option.
  • Powerful Report/ Export Option.
  • Sale/Purchase Return on One Click.
  • Multi Payment Mode Excepted.
  • Manage Your Retail & Wholesale Price.
  • GST Report.(Purchase & Sale
Hospital Store Inventory Management

Hospital Store Inventory Management

  • Create Inventory Stock Master
  • Purchase Stock Entry
  • Create Re-Order Label
  • Stock Consumption Entry
  • Purchase Return Entry
  • Multiple Register
  • Stock Ledgers And Stock Valuations
  • Goods Dispatch And Different Department
TPA Module

TPA Module

  • Create Organization/TPA Master
  • Define Organization Rates/Discount Structure
  • Organization/TPA Limit Approval Tracking
  • Submit to Organization/TPA for Payments
  • Bill Adjustment After Patients Discharge
  • Organization/TPA wise Outstanding
  • Integrated with Finance Module
Security Module

Security Module

  • User Wise and Menu Wise Assignment Module
Reporting Register Module

Reporting Register Module

  • 1-Account Entry Register
  • Diagnostic Department Entry Register
  • OutDoor Patient Entry Register
  • Indoor Patient Entry Register Module
  • Medicine Inventory Entry Module Register
  • Hospital Store Entry Module Register
Child Vaccination Module

Child Vaccination Module

  • Child Vaccination Alert Module.
  • Child Vaccination entry Age and Month Wise.
  • Auto Sending Message to Patient on Next Vaccination Date Time.
  • Show Patient Wise Vaccination Alert Module.
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